PROFILE (English)


Itsuka: Vocal, Guitar / Compose, Lyrics
Mitsu: Drum, Percussion, Chorus
Yutaka: Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Chorus


“unnatural” is a Pop Rock  band based in Tokyo,Japan.The band features Itsuka, a talented “singer-song-writer” , Mitsu, a skillful “Rhythm-Maker” and Yutaka “multi-guitar player”
Itsuka and Mitsu grew up in the middle of busy Tokyo and Yutaka grew up in the beach town Odawara. Itsuka spent some time in other countries, got stimulated by various kinds of music and culture. Songs are written in Japanese and English, telling stories about Love & Life with a bit of cynical humor. They fuse different kinds of music styles such as Country,Blues,Rock into their own Pop style.

unnatural have been playing and recording with many major artists and got high reputation from them. They are not anti-major labels but they remain as independent artist so far.

Since they are skilled at digital systems and social networking services, they’ve been collaborating with well-known Japanese companies, such as Olympus Imaging, Ishimaru-Denki in Akihabara and producing various projects together.


“unnatural” released their first mini album “DIP”.The lead track “NOW” was a theme song of WOWOW weather forecast program “Weather Clip” for three months.The ballad “Threapy” got the “Grainy Film Prize” @ART FILTER CONTEST presented by Myspace & OLYMPUS.

In 2011, they released a concept album “Bouquet” which includes 14 songs, permeated with the theme of “Flowers”.Photos of flowers were taken and edited by Itsuka. The rock tune “Friendship” was used for the Olympus new camera campaign movie. unnatural is starring in the movie.

They released their first collaboration mini album “us” that features male rapper and male singers in June 2012.

Their latest project “Tokyo United” started in Dec 2012. They have been releasing EP every season on iTunes and Amazon mp3 globally. The first track “Woman in Tub” got more then 20,000 views on YouTube and stayed on the top chart of “RED BULL LIVE ON THE ROAD” for 10 days. Their latest single “CALIFORNIA” reached the  top of Amazon Japan Rock Daily Ranking  on the first day of it’s release.




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